Primary Eye Care Services

Primary Eye Care Services

Our Philosophy:  WE TAKE THE TIME TO CARE.

At the University Eye Center at Los Angeles, we take our time with your eyes. 

We know that your vision is really important to you and it's important to us too!

We view our patients as individuals with unique visual needs.

We custom tailor your examination to address your specific needs.

Your examination at the University Eye Center at Los Angeles will be one of the most thorough evaluations of vision and eye health within the profession. 

Let our Primary Eye Care Service doctors help define your needs so your prescription matches your lifestyle.

Our Doctors:

We have a diverse team of doctors who bring a wealth of clinical expertise through postgraduate residency training and private practice experience. 

Many of our attending service faculty are nationally recognized within the profession of Optometry, havng lectured at local, national and international meetings as well as serving in leadership positions in various professional organizations.